Who are we?


The foundations of Tarımak were laid in Ömerli in 1974 with the establishment of the farm. The farm was started as a hobby of Yusuf Karal who had a special interest in agriculture and farming.

In those years, milking machines were a technology used only in state production farms and were met with suspicion by our milk producers. At the same time, it was not affordable to all.

Therefore, at this farm which was home to around 20 cows, hand milking was practiced.

Yusuf Karal, on the other hand, with his vision and mind open to development and innovation, knew that milking with a machine would increase animal comfort and milk production.

He was determined to use the milking machine and on the morning of the first trial, he set his mind to manufacturing it in Turkey.

1975 Yusuf Karal


Tarımak, which was officially established in 1981 started the production of sprinklers as the first business with the awareness of the importance of reliability and affordability of farm equipment

In 1990, Tarımak took a step into the dairy industry with the production of mobile milking machines, as Yusuf Karal decided in the first years of the establishment of the farm and soon It became the main field of activity.

In 1996, it added to the production  all the milking machines, systems, and equipment that everyone needed starting from small family businesses to large farms.

We started our business 40 years ago with a sincere heart and with our priority of quality and accessible products and sustainable service. We are continuing to develop new products according to the demands of the market and the technological needs of dairy farms.


What are we doing?


With our Bereket products, which are guaranteed to be used for many years, we are the leading brand of the sector in terms both in the planning and installation from scratch and in the current system revisions placing special importance on the special conditions of your farm.

We make a difference with our wide product portfolio that is 100% compatible with the current systems of dairy farms, with sustainable service and parts supply of high quality, we are preferred by domestic and foreign milk producers and dealers.

With over 40 years of experience, with product quality and dynamic information flow, which Tarımak has given importance since the first day,  more than 150 dealers both at home and abroad, know the importance of after-sales service as much as the quality of milking equipment. We continue to maintain our leading position in fast spare parts supply and shipment with professional service practices.

We are proud of breaking new ground and being preferred in more than 1,000 milking parlors, 7 continents, and more than 40 countries in the sector with our Bereket products, which are manufactured in accordance with international norms, in hygienic and high-quality milk production.


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